Our event SPAYSE (30 x 58 squft) is extremely versatile. With wood floors, high quality sound system, light show and its very own DJ booth - our event area will surely accomodate all of your creative needs.

Book your event at Spayse Studios! Our facilities include more than just a space. Our extra amenities will make your event feel extra special.

  1. Bullet Photography shoots

  2. Bullet Auditions

  3. Bullet Birthdays/Anniversaries

  4. Bullet Quinceañeras

  5. BulletMusic release parties

  6. Bullet Business meetings

  7. Bullet Workshops

  8. Bullet Yoga

  9. Bullet Choreography

All booked events come with a bar area, bathroom, lounge / lobby area and your own entrance to your event.

SPAYSE STUDIOS brings an upscale environment to you and your guests for a memorable and entertaining event.

for event space prices and availability go to RATES pageRates.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

*Events will be secured with written contracts signed by both parties in person.

contact us at spaysestudios@gmail.com