SPAYSE STUDIOS has 50 office suites ranging from 8x6 to 39x27, not including larger joined suites accomodating larger companies with multiple employees. We also provide specialty sound suites with sound booths inside your office; perfect for audio recordings like music, voice overs, foley and ADR.

When you become a tenant, we offer additional amenities such as conference rooms, free wi-fi, lounge areas, internet cafe, 24 hour access to the studios suites and best of all - FREE studio time in all of our production studios inlcuding your own internet show.

We are more than just an office space, we are a networking hub for all industry professionals to collaborate under the same roof organically creating a positive environment essential for creation.

for office space prices and availability go to RATES pageRates.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

Office spaces will be secured with written contracts signed by both parties in person.

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Make sure and ask us about our free studio time benefits and rewards program. We want to provide more than just an office spayse - we want to help  you stay creative!

Certain rooms come with courtyard views

and your own private entrance!